Learn how to prolong the results of micropigmentation


Micropigmentation is an art that enhances the natural beauty of your face, providing truly impressive results. However, to ensure that its effects last over time, it is essential to adopt some specific care after the procedure.

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure carried out on the epidermis and papillary dermis. It's different from a tattoo, but it's still a long-lasting procedure.

Did you know that the results can last up to 2 years? It's true! Depending on the area where the procedure was carried out and the client's skin type, when it's done properly, micropigmentation can last up to 2 years.

Not all cases are like this, but with the right care, you can help keep the pigmented area healthy and prolong the duration of your result.


Check out 6 infallible tips to help prolong the results of micropigmentation


1. Follow the instructions given by the micropigmentation professional

During and after the procedure, the professional will give you specific instructions on the care you should follow. These instructions are essential to ensure a proper recovery and the preservation of the pigment in the skin.

Avoid the temptation to ignore these guidelines and try to follow them strictly in order to achieve safe healing and prolong the results of your micropigmentation.


2. Don't neglect hydration

Keeping your skin well moisturised is one of the biggest secrets to prolonging the results of micropigmentation. Drink plenty of water and use a light moisturising cream, without perfume or other aggressive ingredients, to prevent the skin from drying out too much.

Adequate moisturising helps the results last longer and promotes healthy skin.

You can use an unscented moisturising cream or a healing lotion, as advised by the professional who carried out the procedure.


3. Avoid unprotected exposure to the sun

Sunlight can damage your skin, fade the pigment and lead to other complications during the healing process. You should therefore avoid sun exposure and tanning sessions until the pigmented area has fully healed.

In addition, you should protect your skin daily with a sunscreen with adequate SPF (Sun Protection Factor), even on cloudy days. As well as promoting the durability of micropigmentation, using sunscreen also helps to preserve the integrity of your skin.


4. Eliminate the use of aggressive chemical products

Try to avoid using cleansers or skin treatments that contain aggressive ingredients or abrasive agents, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinol and benzoyl peroxide.

Products with these chemicals in their composition can fade the pigment. So opt for gentle products specifically for sensitive and newly pigmented skin.


5. Avoid contact with the pigmented area

During the healing period, you should avoid rubbing or scratching the area where the micropigmentation was carried out. More aggressive contact with the pigmented area can interfere with the healing process and jeopardise the final results. For this reason, you shouldn't exfoliate during this period either, so as not to affect healing and avoid removing the pigment from the skin.

This also includes wearing clothes or accessories that could come into contact with the pigmented area and consequently cause irritation.


6. Carry out touch-ups when necessary

Schedule touch-ups as recommended by your micropigmentation professional.

Periodic touch-ups help maintain the intensity of the colour and correct possible faded areas, guaranteeing a flawless result in the long run!


Micropigmentation is a marvellous option for enhancing your natural beauty in a long-lasting way, but respecting proper care is essential for a successful procedure!

By following these tips and strictly respecting the instructions of the professional who carried out the procedure, you will help ensure that the result of micropigmentation remains vibrant and perfect for a long time!

Remember that it's important to consult your professional for personalised advice for your specific case and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of this wonderful art!


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