Lip micropigmentation in male lips


Let's talk about micropigmentation in men.

Aesthetics has advanced and advanced a lot over the years and it is not enough for women to enjoy these benefits, currently men are very interested in maintaining good looks and self-care, and this is wonderful because women love it.

Men can and should take care of their appearance!!!!!

What does lip micropigmentation offer to men?

Many male clients come to me because they are very uncomfortable because they have dark lips or because they are too pale and without definition, stained or also because of smoking the color tends to darken over the years. And that's where lip neutralization comes in, which is nothing more than lightening those lips that are dark, stained or with brown tones and restoring the color that has been lost over the years, also correcting asymmetry and restoring that healthy pink tone to the lips, everything this through male lip micropigmentation. And also not least, lip micropigmentation restores the collagen stimulus of the skin of the lips, rejuvenating and returning the desired color of male lips.

How many sessions do I need to do to whiten my lip through male lip micropigmentation?

It depends on what color your lip is, if it's too dark, it might take more than two sessions. However, soon after the healing of the first session, which takes around 30 days, the professional will know how many more lip micropigmentation sessions will be needed.

When the lip is pale, usually two sessions are more than enough to achieve that healthy tone that we all want.

This technique is also used for scar correction and has a durability between 2 to 3 years.

Liked? Shall we schedule your male lip micropigmentation and make your lip attractive?

Male Micropigmentation available in lisbon


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