Eyeliner Micropigmentation



Eyeliner Micropigmentation - Wake up beautiful every day!

Do you think about waking up beautiful every day? Then you are in the right place.

For several reasons, you may be looking for a professional with experience to better serve you. So come with us to clear your doubts about eyeliner micropigmentation.

Gabryela Albernaz Beauty & Academy presents the solutions to your desires with the most innovative Eyeliner micropigmentation technique.

Looking for the perfect eyeliner? Do you want to enhance your look? Do you have some gaps in your eyelashes and would you like to discreetly solve this problem?

The Deepliner technique does that for you.

Do you think that eyeliner micropigmentation is a simple eyeliner? Wrong.

We have some eyeliner micropigmentation techniques for you to choose from. Currently, the most requested techniques are Deepliner micropigmentation and Soft Liner micropigmentation.

Eyeliner micropigmentation is completely painless as we use local anesthetic for better customer comfort. Procedure lasting approximately 45 minutes, and the best zero pain.

As you can see nowadays, it's just not beautiful who doesn't want to, schedule your appointment now.

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Is the technique indicated for the most discreet women who seek practicality on a daily basis. Micropigmentation that enhances the root of the eyelashes, covering flaws and imperfections, giving natural “volume”.


Soft Liner

Is the technique indicated for the most daring, who bet on a more striking outline, that love to highlight their eyes, the famous “pulled” look. With the soft liner technique, you can also opt for a bolder artistic eyeliner in two ways, or just the “pull” along the lash line or add a smoky eyeliner.

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