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Eyebrows Wire by Wire

Microblading - Eyebrows Wire by Wire

Currently in the female audience, microblading eyebrow micropigmentation is one of the most sought after and desired cosmetic procedures. This is because microblading it is an excellent option for harmonizing and shaping the entire look of the face, aesthetically correcting eyebrow imperfections, optimizing beauty and female empowerment.

Micropigmentation of the eyebrows microblading came to make the lives of women and men easier, as it avoids daily retouching in order to promote the aesthetic beauty of perfect eyebrows for a good few months, with a durability between 8 to 18 months.

The famous technique of eyebrows micropigmentation wire by wire microblading, and perhaps also the most beloved technique of micropigmentation eyebrows, corresponds to the implantation of pigment in the region of the eyebrows, promoting a uniform and extremely realistic effect simulating natural threads in the flaws and imperfections that the costumer may have in search of perfect eyebrows with microblading.

Microblading is a simple procedure lasting about 90-120 minutes with instant effect, which should always be carried out by a qualified professional in the field.

How is the microblading wire by wire eyebrow micropigmentation procedure done?

Through a good anamnesis, the professional will identify the wishes and desires of the costumer microblading eyebrowns micropigmentation, previously making a specialized design based on the shape of her own face. After this design is approved by the costumer, then she will start the eyebrow micropigmentation technique wire by wire microblading.

There are two methods of implantation of the pigment simulating wires, being these implanted by Dermógrafo or Tebori. Wire by Wire eyebrows micropigmentation performed by tebori are called microblading.

The difference between the two techniques, basically, is the means used by the professional to implant the pigment in the skin for the perfect eyebrows. The dermograph is a pen
connected to electric current with specific needles to implant the pigment in the superficial layer of the skin. Tebori is a pen with microblades, with the same purpose, but without being
electric used on microblading.

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Eyebrows Micropigmentation - #shadowqueen


Shadow micropigmentation is the name given to smoky/shaded eyebrow micropigmentation.

This micropigmentation technique is the newest trend on the micropigmentation market, it promotes greater filling of the eyebrows, providing a more compact and very interesting effect.

It is very suitable for women who want to have a more marked effect on the eyebrows, covering flaws, giving more volume, and filling them perfectly for a more striking and seductive look.

Simulating a light everyday make-up effect with the most marked foundation, but is eyebrow micropigmentation. Also called pointillism or shading.


Eyebrows Micropigmentation - Shadow-Line


The shadow line technique is nothing more than the combination of the #shadowqueen technique and eyebrows micropigmentation wire by wire.

An example: In an eyebrow with many flaws, the shadow micropigmention performs a more consistent filling and with more volume of this hairless area. Then, will do the eyebrown micropigmentation wire by wire   at first to give your eyebrows more naturalness.

That is, it provides a more striking look, but without losing its naturalness because the threads at the beginning of the eyebrows form a smoky color gradient.

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BE A #shadowqueen


Eyebrows Micropigmentation: Common Questions

Common Questions

If you haven't joined this trend of eyebrown micropigmentation yet because you have doubts, I answer 10 most frequently asked questions my clients have before the procedure.

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Eyebrows Micropigmentation - Portfolio: Wire by wire

Portfolio: Wire by wire

Discover the results of a simple but instantaneous procedure of eyebrown micropigmentation. Perfect and filled eyebrows with a natural finish. 

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Eyebrows Micropigmentation - Porfolio: #shadowqueen

Portfolio: #shadowqueen

Our clients are transformed with this procedure. Beautiful and powerful women, perfect and marked eyebrows. The results of eyebrown micropigmentation speak for themselves.

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