Lip Micropigmentation



Lip Micropigmentation

You will wake up looking wonderful every day, without needing to put on lipstick with lip micropigmentation.

Many clients are left with shaken self-esteem when they realize that their lips have a slightly purplish or dull color, which does not bring that health aspect that a more rosy or ruddy tone provides.

The #lipqueen of lip micropigmentation method is a temporary procedure that leaves the lips more designed and colored in order to improve the contour and cupid's bow in order to make it more designed and defined. Changes the tone of pale or purplish lip skin.

Before performing Lip Micropigmentation, it is necessary to assess whether the client's lips are sufficiently hydrated.

The technique causes small lesions so that the pigment can adhere. Therefore, the skin in the region cannot be dry, as healing will be impaired.

Lip Micropigmentation can also be indicated for clinical situations such as tissue loss caused by accidents or burns and genetic deformation of the lips and cleft lip and palate.

Don't waste any more time and surrender to the #lipqueen procedure.

This lipstick doesn't come off, doesn't stain clothes, doesn't smudge...
Duration of 2 years. Sounds like a lie, right? But it's the benefits of Lip Micropigmentation.

Keep your lips looking healthy always!

For the comfort of the client, I use Anesthetic.

Schedule now your lip micropigmentation.

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