Eyebrows Micropigmentation artist reference in Portugal

Gabryela Albernaz

Artist with national and international reference delivering art in the area of beauty for 8 years.

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In 2016, she discovered her passion for eyebrows by starting her first course at the European School of Aesthetics, in Portugal.

She currently has 6 years of experience in the eyebrow and lip micropigmentation market. She has international and national certification, developing her techniques in Dermógrafo and Tebori.

She has more than 2500 procedures in her luggage in several countries such as: USA, Portugal, Brazil and Spain. She always specializes, seeking excellence in techniques and results.

Creator of the #lipqueen method, a method that corrects dark, pale and stained lips. And #shadowqueen, eyebrows filled with the intense and seductive striking look.

Come and meet our excellent Micropigmentation in Lisbon.



Eyebrows Wire by wire

Wire by Wire

Uniform and extremely realistic effect simulating natural wires in the flaws and imperfections that the client may have in search of the perfect eyebrows.

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Expertise - Shadow queen


For those who like a very striking and seductive look. Technique created by Gabriela Albernaz, the perfect eyebrows's best friend.

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Expertise - Lip queen


Method created by Gabriela Albernaz, for more designed, defined and colored lips. Wake up beautiful every day and save on lipstick!

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