What are the benefits of eyebrows micropigmentation?


Eyebrows Micropigmentation is the trend in cosmetic procedures.

With that, today we bring you some of the advantages that eyebrows micropigmentation can bring to your self-esteem in terms of your appearance.

1. Duration

Eyebrows Micropigmentation is an cosmetic procedure performed on the epidermis and papillary dermis, different from tattooing. In other words, it is a long-term procedure, but when well performed with a stay of up to 2 years.

2. Saves time

Save time doing eyebrows micropigmentation. How?

Doing eyebrows micropigmentation you will always be ready to go out and looking wonderful. It's great to wake up and just have to put on some sunscreen and stay looking amazing for a day of meetings or just going to the market. Practicality nowadays is what we all want. Have you ever imagined taking a dip and still leaving the sea or the pool always with your eyebrows arranged and your lips reddened? Yes, with eyebrows micropigmentation and lip micropigmentation all this is possible.

3. Uniform Filling

END OF FAILED THRESHOLDS or loss of eyebrow threads.

With eyebrows micropigmentation you will have a uniform, voluminous, shadow eyebrown, makeup effect as you always wanted. All adapted to your needs and the shape of your face.

Excessive use of tweezers and wax, or even some pathologies can make our wires fail and even not grow again, damaging the entire natural shape of our eyebrows and consequently our self-esteem.

4. Naturalness

Eyebrows micropigmentation when performed by a qualified professional, naturalness will be very present especially in eyebrows micropigmentation wire by wire (microblading). Even the most striking technique of eyebrows micropigmentation like Shadow Queen has a very natural effect when applied with the right pigment color for your skin tone.

5. Look beautiful painlessly

To look beautiful without feeling pain?


We use local anesthetic to apply eyebrow micropigmentation and lip micropigmentation. 



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