What results to expect from Lip Micropigmentation?


After the explosion of realistic procedures to enhance the face, here comes lip micropigmentation.

An excellent alternative for filling the lips, not in terms of volume as with hyaluronic acid, but in terms of color and more defined and marked contours, implying an increase in volume, not just for greater lip definition.

A minimally invasive technique, lip micropigmentation works as a "permanent lip makeup", with a longer duration than eyebrow micropigmentation, between 3 and 4 years.

what to expect from this procedure?

We can expect a more defined and marked lip in an extremely natural and barely noticeable way.

The selection of the color of lip micropigmentation will be made according to the taste and need of the costumer, from a softer tone to a more vibrant tone, we have a wide range of lip tones with brands of excellence.

Usually after performing the lip micropigmentation procedure, the tendency is to lighten by 50%, becoming very natural.

There are several aesthetic benefits of lip micropigmentation, such as:

  • Neutralization of dark spots
  • Revitalize color on pale lips
  • Collagen stimulation on the lips
  • Bug fixes and imperfections
  • Greater lip definition, more defined and defined Cupid's bow
  • Among others.

One week before performing lip micropigmentation, it is necessary to moisturize the lips very well, and women and men who have cold sores or who have had it, should always use specific medication recommended by a doctor or pharmacist, so that herpes does not appear again. 

Don't waste any more time, perform an evaluation and wake up beautiful every day without having to put on lipstick.
Schedule now your lip micropigmentation, permanent lips in lisbon.


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